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May 2023 Clinic

In May of this year Dr. Dawkins and a team of volunteers traveled back to Mexico for another series of clinics in the Copper Canyons. We spent 5 days in 7 different locations. We did a total of 353 surgeries and treated each animal with vaccines, dewormer, and flea medication. We also treated 16 sick animals.

We are so grateful to each person who supports us on this mission to provide veterinary care to these animals!

Our next clinic is coming up in August 2023!

As always, we are continuing to look for volunteers who are willing to invest an hour or two a week to give us consistent and ongoing help. We need volunteers to sort medical donations in Chattanooga and El Paso. We need computer help... sending receipts and thank you notes. A "secretary" for Dr. Dawkins would be awesome!! We're also looking for people who want to plan in person fundraising events and/or set up tables at local festivals to spread the word and raise funds. Our volunteers need to be able to work independently once you understand what is needed. Do you love animals and have a passion for what we do? We need you! Many things can be done remotely if you don't live in Chattanooga, El Paso, or Las Cruces, New Mexico. Reach out.

Fundraising Update: In January of 2023 one of our volunteers opened CCCanyonStore on Instagram. It's been going well and has generated addition income to our regular semi annual online auctions. We sell our logo merchandise as well as vintage treasures and unique modern items. Be sure to check it out @cccanyonstore on Instagram. In addition to raising funds, CCCanyonStore is helping to get the word out regarding what we do. We are thrilled to have new supporters join our mission by purchasing fun stuff all year long!

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