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January 2024 Newsletter

Best Wishes for a Happy 2024!

Dr. Dawkins and teams of volunteers traveled to the Copper Canyons in August of 2023 and November 2023. We spayed and neutered 469 animals in these two trips. All animals received vaccines, dewormer and flea medication. We visited different 7 towns. 

We're so grateful to each person who supports us on this mission to provide veterinary care to these animals!

Just before Thanksgiving we held our Holiday Online Fundraising Auction. We raised just over $1400, so that's 100 more animals who will be able to have surgery! Speaking of fundraising, our online CCCanyonStore on Instagram had a successful first year. We are open every day. The "store" is run by a volunteer and for a donation to the dogs she will be happy to send you a cool vintage or unique item. It's definitely worth taking a look! We also have our logo merchandise available in the store. Check us out on Instagram or Ebay, both listed as CCCanyonStore! And don't forget, our PayPal Donation Link is always open!! We appreciate every donation no matter the amount. Together we are doing great things!

In December we enjoyed a pizza party with our Chattanooga volunteers. We are ALWAYS looking for volunteer help. You can help in Chattanooga, El Paso, or help with computer things remotely. Please reach out if you would like to volunteer to help in any way.

Our 2024 clinics are currently in the planning stages. Follow us on all social media for current photos and information and invite your animal loving friends to follow and support us so that we can help more animals!

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