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August 2023 Clinic

We had a great trip to the Copper Canyons this month! We held clinics in 4 different towns, completed 348 spay and neuter surgeries, treated 55 additional animals with vaccines and parasite treatments, and helped 4 sick animals to the best of our abilities.

The husky you see pictured was neutered on this trip. We saw him the last time we were in Creel back in January, but he was too sick for surgery with severe mange, a skin infection and almost no hair. Look at him now!

It’s so encouraging to see even the street dogs healthier on each subsequent visit. Dr. Dawkins always has a few join her on her morning runs! Check out the video!

We were able to rescue 9 puppies this trip and brought them back to Cherish Canine in New Mexico. They will find homes other than the streets of Mexico and that is a very good thing.

We appreciate all of our faithful volunteers who make this happen, and all of our supporters who give and sacrifice for people who can never pay you back. Together we are impacting this area for the good of both animals and people. Thank you!

Future Clinics are on the schedule for September 2023 and November 2023!


We are grateful for a new volunteer who has stepped forward to manage our Ebay account for us! Along with CCCanyonStore on Instagram, CCCanyonStore on Ebay will provide an additional source of income for us. Check it out

We are always looking for volunteers to help with even one aspect of our day to day operations. Many things can be done remotely. Please reach out if you’d like to join the team. We would love to help more towns but we can’t grow without more volunteer help behind the scenes.


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