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March 2024 Newsletter

In January Dr Dawkins helped transport the sweetest tripod puppy from Juaraz to a wonderful rescue in NC. Really, the sweetest pup ever!

We are always fundraising and things are going well at CCCanyonSTORE on Instagram. Come see us! We are offering brand new falsa blankets from Mexico now, and we also have some brand new dreamcatcher earrings up for sale. Join us in our dream that every animal will be loved and cared for, by supporting our work.

In early February, our El Paso volunteers finally enjoyed their holiday party! Thank you so much to all who volunteer many hours to help us. We always need more help. Please message us if you would like to help with computer things which can be done from anywhere in the country. We would also love to find an event planner to schedule some live fundraising events. We also need volunteers to have tables at festivals in Chatt or El Paso.

In February, we fell in love, just in time for Valentines Day. We fell in love.... with a bus! Our newest volunteer made it all the way from Chattanooga to El Paso and carried lots and lots of donations for us. It was quite the trip. Check out the videos on Facebook or Youtube. The bus is being used for storage right now, which we desperately needed, but there are many possibilites for future uses too!

Our Chattanooga Spanish speaking community enjoyed a low cost vaccine clinic in March, sponsored in part by CCC. We appreciate the donation of vaccines so that all the proceeds from that clinic can be used to do surgeries at our next clinic in Mexico! We had a great turnout and love helping animals both at home and in Mexico.


April 9 & 10 - we will be doing surgeries outside of Juaraz. There is a great need in this area, both animal and human. We're grateful we have the opportunity to help.

May 18th - our 5 Year Anniversary of being an official nonprofit! Watch for a live event on social media and celebrate this milestone with us!

June - our semi-annual online auction and a 5 day clinic in the Copper Canyons!

Don't miss a thing! Donate. Volunteer. We appreciate your support so much! Together we are making a difference!


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