Providing veterinary services in the Copper Canyons of Mexico.

The mission of Compassion Copper Canyon is to provide veterinary services (primarily spay/neuter) to the animals of the Copper Canyon Region, Chihuahua,  Mexico.

Current & Upcoming Events

First Spay & Neuter Clinic

January 4-9th 2020

One day in Ceracahui, one day in Urique and one day in Cuiteco. Our goal, pending funding and enough volunteers, is to do 800 surgeries in the 3 towns combined.

T-shirt Campaign

The nearest veterinarian is over 8 hours away for most of the small mountain or canyon towns. Please help support us in helping these animals by purchasing this beautiful t-shirt. Each shirt sold will earn enough funds to spay or neuter one cat or dog.

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Compassion Copper Canyon, Veterinary Services in Copper Canyon, Mexico. Spay and Neuter clinics. Volunteer with dogs in the Sierra Madre


Based in Chattanooga, TN. Helping animals and people in the Copper Canyons of Mexico.


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