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Nov 2019 Newsletter


We are excited to announce the addition of two more towns- Divisidero and Cieneguita. We will now be serving five towns while we are in Mexico! We have also finalized a schedule for the time we will be there. Volunteers are set to arrive on January 3rd. We will then kick off our venture in Divisidero on Sunday January 5th. Monday the 6th will see Cuiteco, Tuesday the 7th we will be in Ceracahui, and Wednesday the 8th we will be in Cieneguita. We will round out our clinics in Urique on Thursday January 9th. Volunteers will then return home January 11th-12th.


We are so thankful to everybody who is volunteering their time to help us out down in Mexico! The wonderful people who will be joining us are:

Dr. Terry Ann from New York City

Dr. Shannon Dawkins of Claws and Paws Mobile Vet

Alan Dawkins, the do it all guy :)

Kristie Smith with Cornerstone Vet Services

Jo Moyes with CHAI

Olivia Munch with CHAI

Dr. Luis Sayto of Sayto Clinica y Mascotas

Dr. Alvaro Medina of Mobile Pet Vet in El Paso Texas

Thank you so much for your time, we appreciate you!


We would like to extend a special thank you to our wonderful interns from UTC, Anahlea and Kaitlin, along with our volunteer Kathy. We could not do this without their help!

Special thanks also to:


Revive Massage Therapy (Virginia Lee)

Glacé Cryotherapy

My Mobile Groomer

Honeysuckle Spa (Brooke Boda)

Mindy B's Deli

Everybody who has donated time, money, and items!

The help of our local supporters has meant the world- we can’t thank you enough for all of your donations!


We are still in need of the following items:

Surgical drape

Surgery instruments


Head lamps

Pressure cooker (fore sterilization)

Dog collars


Money for more anesthesia medications for our newly added towns (You can donate here)

We also have recently set up a gofundme account to help reach a broader donation audience:

Follow us on social media!

Instagram: @compassion_copper_canyon

Twitter: @CompassionCop1

Facebook: Compassion Copper Canyon


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