What's next in 2020 and how can you help?

Dr. Dawkins and her husband, Alan Dawkins, along with other volunteers, plan on returning to the Copper Canyon Region of Mexico this coming October and December-January for another round of spay and neuter clinics. We have been asked to return to the same towns, as well as neighboring towns.

How can you help?

For the upcoming clinics we will need the following donated items:

Fleece blankets

Children’s socks (we don’t need pairs, matchless socks are perfect!)


Medical/surgical supplies

Fundraising goals:

$8,000 for spays and neuters; we hope to help around 800 animals in this next year!

$5,000 for a mobile anesthesia machine; we definitely wanted one of these for this last clinic, but did not have the funds to purchase it. Having one will allow us to help even more animals!

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