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Compassion Copper Canyon March Newsletter

What have we been up to?

In October 2020, Dr. Dawkins and a team of volunteers traveled to Mexico for another spay and neuter clinic. While there, they did a total of 214 surgeries, treated 210 animals with vaccines, dewormer, and flea medication, as well as 12 animals that came to them for treatment of other sicknesses.

  • Bahuichivo: 27 surgeries, 22 rabies vaccines and dewormings, and 6 sick animals treated

  • Cuiteco: 20 surgeries, 14 vaccines and dewormings

  • San Rafael: 120 surgeries, over 100 treated and given vaccines and deworminsg

  • Divisadero: 47 surgeries, 11 vaccines and dewormings

In December 2020, Dr. Dawkins traveled to Mexico again, this time being met by a larger team and longer schedule of towns in January 2021! Even Before the clinics began, Dr. Dawkins treated a sick puppy on the way to her hotel room on Christmas Day. In addition, she also traveled a long distance (both a 4 wheel drive and a hike afterwards) to treat animals for basic veterinary care in remote areas. This even included 13 dogs at one home. When they clinics finally began in January, they had great success and even added more towns by splitting the team in half on some days!

  • Urique: 42 surgeries, 64 vaccines and dewormings, and 14 sick animals treated

  • Guapalayna: 44 surgeries (and 4 pigs in addition!), 62 vaccines and dewormings, and 2 sick animals treated

  • Guadalupe: 22 surgeries, 14 vaccines and dewormings

  • Pierdes Verdes: 20 surgeries, 22 vaccines and dewormings

  • Mesa del Arturo: 23 surgeries, 12 vaccines and dewormings

  • Basigochi: 12 surgeries, 15 vaccines and dewormings

  • Cieniguita: 16 surgeries, 10 vaccines and dewormings

  • Porochi: 47 surgeries, 23 vaccines and dewormings

We are happy to report that the total number of spay and neuter surgeries performed since we started the non-profit is currently: 1,104 animals! In addition to those we have also provided basic veterinary care to more then 1,000 animals and treated more than 100 sick or critical patients while in those towns of the Copper Canyon Region.

We cannot thank you all enough for all of your support on our mission.

Special thanks to all of our volunteers at home in Chattanooga (especially Dr.Shannon Dawkins and Claws and Paws Mobile Veterinary services), in Texas (especially Dr. Alvaro Medina and Mobile Pet Vet and staff), and those who join us in Mexico (especially Dr. Luis Sayto and Sayto Clinicas y Mascotas).

We would also like to thank all of the Chattanooga locals who donated services and items to our silent auction in November!

Thank you to:

  • Chattanooga Princess Parties

  • Virginia Lee, LMT of Revive Bodywork and Massage

  • Leah Mueleman, Photographer

  • Christopher Nash, Artist

  • Anna Skiles, Artist

  • Nourishpoint Meal Company

  • Jo Moyes, Rehabilitation Therapist of the Amelia Peabody Canine Rehabilitation Center

  • Melissa Gates, Artist

  • Kem alexander, Artist

  • Sylvia March, Potter

  • Ellen Boda, Artist

  • Denice Bizot, Metal Artist

We are also looking for volunteers!

Volunteer positions we are looking for help in:

  • Sorting medical supplies

  • Sorting clothes and toys

  • Fundraising planning (in person and online)

  • Grant writing

  • Assist with silent auction management and getting of items donated or uploaded

  • Organization on the computer so we can keep track of all we are doing

  • Helping oversee the organization of what volunteers are doing what and taking some of the micromanagement off Dr. Dawkins plate 😊

  • Receipts and thank yous for received donations

Current donation needs:

  • Head lamps

  • Surgical supplies and instruments

  • Flea and tick medications


Rescued animal spotlight:

Charlie! Dr. Dawkins brought Charlie back to Chattanooga after the clinics in January. He was a tiny sickly little puppy with tons of parasites. He was nursed back to health by Dr. Dawkins and her family on the trip back. We are happy to say he is now doing great! When he was brought back to Chattanooga, a local non-profit Operation Freedom Dogs that trains dogs to be service animals for disabled veterans took him in to begin his training!


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